How does InterLinks work?
InterLinks works by reading the keyword list you’ve created and then reading your theme’s code to locate the four (4) areas that qualify for automated linking: product descriptions, collection descriptions, blog posts, and pages. InterLinks then uses your keyword list to link words found in those areas to their target URLs.  InterLinks does not modify your content. InterLinks only links the content, realtime to the user, when the page is loaded.

How does InterLinks save me time?
The alternative is to go through each blog post looking for a “link opportunity” then manually create that link. Hand-linking keywords is cumbersome, time-consuming and prone to errors. 

Where will the links be generated on my site?

Product descriptions, collection descriptions, blog posts, and pages. InterLinks uses your  keyword list to link words found in those areas to their target URLs.

For the Enterprise plan, can I make feature requests and modification requests specific to my store? 

Yes.  There are no extra charges for custom theme integrations or custom features for Enterprise subscribers.  We craft solutions that fit your brand’s scenario perfectly.

Will I have a dedicated account manager for an Enterprise subscription?  We must be able to reach someone by telephone 24/7.
Yes.  Enterprise subscribers have on-call account management and development support with an Enterprise SLA. Services provided are based in the United States in the Pacific time zone.  


Will interlinks work with my Shopify theme? Is it 100% accurate?
InterLinks gets it right 99% of the time but sometimes we might need to fine-tune our backend systems to make InterLinks work optimally for your specific scenario.  Send a support request and we’ll get you working.  
We are fanatical about customer support.

Will this help my SEO and search engine rankings?
Most likely.  We don’t pretend to understand google but we all agree that a great user experience and good site and link structure leads to higher search rankings, more natural traffic,  and more sales.  Your store’s text content will have amazing link flow and will retain customers longer.   Your workload will be smaller since you don’t have to manually link up text anymore. InterLinks will likely do a better job at the task.   Your site will come to life in a way you haven’t likely seen yet as text-heavy blocks turn into useful, cross-referenced paragraphs.  Regardless of your SEO benefit, InterLinks makes your good site even better.

How do I send a support request?
Visit and click the Get Support button in the upper right or send an email to 


I'm using PageFly, a hand-crafted theme, or some other landing page builder, will InterLinks work?
Yes, but we will need to fine-tune your installation on our back end system first. Send a support request which will ask for your store URL and we’ll be in touch with a solution. 


Do I need to do anything to my content after I've added new links in the Keyword Manager?
No. All keywords are linked immediately on the next page load.  As soon as you “save” your new keyword in InterLinks, every page containing that keyword  is instantly linked up on the next page load.

Will InterLinks link content on my Home Page?  What about Headlines? Or Page titles?
No, no, and no. InterLinks only links content in the main text areas of product descriptions, collection descriptions, blog posts, and pages. 


Will InterLinks modify the actual post content, page content, collections descriptions or product descriptions?
No.  InterLinks does not modify your content. InterLinks only links the content, realtime to the user, when the page is loaded to the viewer or search engine bot.

How do I get support if I have questions or run into problems?
Yes, we’re fanatical about customer support and satisfaction.  We built InterLinks for ourselves and we use it everyday.  If something’s not working right, we want to hear about it so we can make our app better.

Will InterLinks try to link my Policy and Legal pages?
No. It shouldn’t. But in some cases, you may need to put in a manual exclusion.  For example, if you’ve made a special page that talks about Legal Disclosures or perhaps a Return Procedure, you would need to exclude those pages manually.  Just visit the page, copy the URL, and paste it in the Excluded list in your InterLinks Settings admin.

Is InterLinks going to stay at this price forever?
Probably not.   We’ve got big plans for improving the matching algorithm over time  and we see a higher price point in the future.  Relax though, you’ll be grandfathered in at the lower price point until you cancel. 

Who created InterLinks?
A store owner, just like you, who got very tired of hand-linking content.  I had “link lists” and spreadsheets of every collection URL and would methodically go through each new blog post looking for a “link opportunity” within my site’s content.  It took longer to link the content than it did to write it.